Great ideas can come at any time, from anybody. Don't you want to capture and share them as quickly as possible when they do?
With the Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard, you can efficiently deliver your message in the most clear and collaborative environment
possible. The Interactive Whiteboard is the perfect device for delivering your next seminar, presenting  designs,  or reviewing
blueprints and spreadsheets. Watch our videos to learn more! 


Transform everyday meetings into dynamic collaborations

What’s the big idea? More importantly, what’s the best way to share it with others? Use the RICOH® Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) D8400 to showcase digital presentations with 4K resolution on an 84-inch flat-panel display from classrooms to the boardroom. Use multiple interfaces to connect to your choice of analog, digital and audio devices and share your messages easily and economically. Connect to your PC or Mac® for convenient touchscreen control and add handwritten notes, edits and other markings directly to your presentation. Or, choose the IWB D8400 with integrated RICOH Interactive Whiteboard Controller for more precise editing, advanced collaborative tools, remote viewing options and additional security.


Share big ideas on the big screen

Use the oversized display to share detailed schematics, blueprints and charts with colleagues and clients in an office or conference room. Project lesson plans, images and Blu-Ray movies to students in a classroom or smaller auditorium. Every viewer, whether sitting in front of the screen or standing in the back of the room, will see brilliant colors and sharp images with true-to-life 4K resolution.

Enhance your message, expand your audience

Your audience is ready and you can't miss a beat. Start presenting within moments in Windows® and Mac® environments by connecting directly to  your PC, tablet, smartphone, USB flash drive* or other device.** It’s HDMI-ready and there’s no software, calibrations or need for IT support. Showcase your images, schematics, drawings and more on high-definition LCD displays with 1920 x 1080 dpi resolution that capture subtle shading and the sharp,  crisp lines of images and text.

Customize messages for every audience

Generate new ideas in real time by taking advantage of a finely tuned touch sensor to write words naturally and accurately and add precise edits and markings using either your finger or felt-tipped pen. With multi-touch finger control, you can turn pages, enlarge images and more by scrolling and flicking, just like you do on your personal mobile device. 

Transform new information into
immediate action

Collaboration shouldn’t stop when your presentation does. Turn  your revised presentation into a password-protected PDF file that  you can email directly to recipients through your LDAP directory.  Let them add feedback, edits and other highlights and share them  with the rest of the group or to an entirely new audience in moments. 

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