At Gulf Coast Office Products, we offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of any industry. We proudly distribute copy machines from Savin and Ricoh-- both leaders in the industry with regards to technology and quality. We want to help you boost your productivity and bring your business into the future. 


Savin offers the industry's broadest and most connected range of digital imaging systems, from compact systems that deliver the power to print, copy, scan and fax right from your desktop to departmental digital color systems that enhance communications quality and boost productivity. No company is better positioned to help you exploit the potential of digital technology than Savin. Savin expertise and consultative skills are in greater demand than ever...helping customers create document output solutions for all industries and applications including wide-format copying for engineering and architectural requirements.


In every market Ricoh serves, they strive to provide the most outstanding products, services, and overall customer satisfaction. Their mission is to be a 21st Century leader through performance and excellence. Image communication is the Ricoh concept for flexible office automation that uses image information to help Ricoh’s customers be more creative and productive.


Ricoh and Savin have been aware of the security issues surrounding Multifunction Products for many years. During that time many steps have been taken to implement security features and functions to prevent your important information assets from being exposed to threats, such as the alteration of electronic and hardcopy documents.  These security issues are addressed by Gulf Coast and the products we market. The administrator of the multifunction copier can set up SSL/TLS for encrypted communications. The SSL/TLS setup prevents data from being tapped, analyzed, or altered during communications.

When a document is scanned by an MFP or a scanner or when data is received from a PC, some data may be stored on the hard disk drive or memory device. For example, temporary image data, data the user has chosen to save, or device configuration data may be stored. When the data is no longer needed this function actively erases it by overwriting.